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Sravana Month , Shiv Pooja

Sravana masam is fifth and one of the important month in the Lunar Hindu calender. This month belongs to Lord Vishnu. This month is well known for vrats observed by women. Full moon day of this month is known as Shravana Purnima and it is observed as Hayagreeva jayanthi.

During Shravan sankranti, sun will enter in cancer sign. Sharavan sankranti will be celebrated during Amavsya tithi during the Pushya nakshatra kaleen on 16th July 2015, Thursday. The punyakaal of shravan sankranti will begin and stay till Next morning 10:26.

Shiv Pooja Importance in Shravan Month
In Shravan month, worshipping Lord Shiva increases the auspiciousness of good results. During this month, Shiv Maha Puran and Shiv Stotras should be read daily and then worship the Shiv linga ritually from milk, Ganga jal, Bel Patra, fruits, etc.

Additionally, worshipping Lord Shiva along with chanting the mantra “Om Namah Shivay” is considered auspicious. Observing Mangala Gauri fast and worshipping ritually on every Tuesday of this month makes the fortune more favourable for the marriage and child of a woman.

Panchak Beginning
Panchak will begin on 5th July, 2015 at 10:01 and will end on 9th July at 15:07. All auspicious works should be avoided during this period of five days.

Kamika Ekadashi: 10 August 2015
Lord Hari should be worshipped on Kamika Ekadashi. This fast is considered most good for the pacification of the souls of the ancestors. Observing fast and chanting Vishnu Stotras in the night reduces the pains of life of the devotees. Worshipping Lord Vishnu from Lalmani, Pearl, Durwa and Coral is considered favourable.

Tulsi poojan pleases Lord Vishnu immediately. Showing diyas to lord during the dy and night on Ekadashi yields results as of several Yajnas. Observing Kamika Ekadashi fast and then worshipping Shri Hari frees the person from this sinful world.

Pradosh Fast: 13 July 2015
Pradosh Fast is observed on the trayodashi(thirteenth) of both Krishna Paksha as well as Shukla Paksha. This fast is observed to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. Falling of Pradosh fast and Shravan month on the same day increases the auspiciousness of this month. During Shravan month as well, Lord Shiva is especially worshipped. On this day, fast is observed and Lord Bholenath is remembered. This fast ends after sunset in Pradosh Kaal.

Hariyali Teej or Singhara Teej: 17 August 2015
The third date of Shukls Paksha, Shravan month is called Hariyali Teej of Singhara Teej. This festival is especially celebrated by newly married and married women. According to an ancient belief Hariyali Teej is an occasion of reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This year, Ramjan festival of Muslim Community is also starting on this day.

This festival is of faith, natural beauty and joy. On this day the people hang swings, dances and sings to celebrate this festival. In this Teej Mata Parvati is worshipped especially.

Naag Panchami: 20 August 2015

Naag Panchami is celebrated every year with full faith and devotion on the panchami(fifth) date of Shukla Paksha, Shravan month. Worshipping Naag Dev on this day frees the person from Kaal Sarp Dosh. In this fesival, observing fast and worshipping the idol or image of Nag Devta ritually is considered auspicious. On this day, the threshold of house is purified from cow-dung and then worshipped from Durwa and Kusha. Worshipping in this way removes our fear from snakes.

Pavitra Ekadashi: 26th August 2015
In Shravan month, Ekadashi date is on 26th August. The name of this Ekadashi is Pavitra. Ekadashi fast is observed to please Lord Vishnu.

Shravani Poornima and Raksha Bandhan: 29 August 2015
In 2015, the symbol of love between the brothers and sisters, Raksha Bandhan, will be celebrated on 10 August. In this festival, sisters tie Rakhi on the hand of her brother and in return the brother gives gifts and promises her of protecting from all troubles. Since ancient times, this festival reminds of the emotional tie up, affection and responsibilities of a brother towards her sister. In Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi is tied after the Bhadra period. The time after this is auspicious for tying Rakhi.

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The prevalence of superstition

The prevalence of superstition:

Which is considered one of the village on the same day 500 years ago, on the strength of black magic witch women began to be. The prevalence of superstition started there was a myth. At the present time it is the source of the term is left alive atrocities on women. All over India, especially Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand in the name of witch endless atrocities on women are vulnerable and are sometimes even killed.
Harangul village, Latur, Maharashtra
Harangul village in Latur district of Maharashtra is the village where he's supposed to be about the most far-fetched and dangerous tradition where black magic witch began with practice. Well, in this case black magic of Bengal is also mentioned, but it is believed that the practice actually started witch was from the same village.
It is believed that this is the first time in the 15th century, the village began to practice. Since then, till today no one slept peacefully. The witch practice, starting here on the strength of black magic after being converted into ordinary women vamps at the village changed forever. The first was a female witch. Then something else and the entire village was inhabited by the gang of vamps. In the beginning the innocent villagers did not understand anything about all of this when he deepened the shadow of these vamps villagers realized that they are caught up in big trouble. Vamps hunt started now. At first they targeted their homes. Seeing the whole village then he imprisoned his arrest.
Vamps outbreak began gradually increase. So far the work had been hiding-hiding in the shadow of the night she was released overhang in Ujalon day. The village broke with sorrows.
The young boy was found hanging dead vamps trees around him. The truth has come to light that the vamps before the village boys, these young bachelor in Premjal loop, physical relationship with them and then deleted their thirst by sucking their blood. As well as their blood was used for Tantric attainments.
After all villagers mercury reached seventh heaven. He vamps Bangkr the trees began burning alive. These vamps-Fatal said he will return and who will complete his revenge. This event hundreds of years, but still so many things that are taboo in this village. The recognition that if someone did not follow these guidelines Nirdeshon the witch will come back. Hence, in the village still on the trees nail bang, piss, spitting or sleep near the trees at night is prohibited.
The village today is recognition that night souls of these vamps are trying to attract people. Now he was not so strong as that could directly harm anyone who gets stuck in any of them have entered the cotton is very bad Hshr.
Because of these important features of this village of the vamps have become many TV serials. Goes so far as to say that the concept of witch Ekta Kapoor had also met here.

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Astrology & The Rule Of Karma

The horoscope or conception diagram is a basic guide of the sky in view of one's opportunity, date and spot of conception. It is a chart of 12 houses, the 12 indications of the zodiac and the 9 planets – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. We can see that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are excluded in this rundown.

These houses, signs and planets speak to original general energies. Each conception is holy, and the exact snippet of conception decides how these general energies will interaction with each other in shaping a singular's character and predetermination.

The birthchart can be known as the 'guide of one's karma' and uncovers the past, present and future. Karma is essentially the general law "as ye sow, so might ye procure." In the west the perspective of karma normally does not develop past one's available life. In Vedic society it is basic learning that the spirit experiences rehashed cycles of births and passings.

Karma emerges because of one's contemplations, activities and deeds. Every minute we are making new karmas for ourselves and all the while encountering the karmas that started in our past.

The Vedas list 4 distinct sorts of karma that people are liable to through the cycles of conception and passing. These are:-

Sanchita – The entirety of all the past karmas.

Prarabdha – Those among the past karmas which have sufficiently developed to be knowledgeable about the present life. (Not all our past karmas from past lives can be knowledgeable about a solitary lifetime)

Kriyamana- The present karmas which influence either the Prarabdha karma or what's to come. Case in point if a man has an illness, which is an aftereffect of Prarabdha, and they cure the ailment, they will be performing Kriyamana.

Agama – Our idea examples and cravings which impact the karmas for what's to come.

The birthchart uncovers the inward inclinations of a man alongside the conditions and encounters that are prone to emerge in one's available life because of the karmas made by the past. One can see from the above meanings of karma that just a bit of one's karmic weight is knowledgeable about a solitary lifetime. How one reacts to their troublesome or positive karmas, and how one makes better or more awful karmas for themselves, decides one's destiny in future lives.

Not every single "terrible" karma in the present life are an aftereffect of negative activities from the past. Here and there "awful" karma is intended to trigger more profound otherworldly qualities in an individual or permit one to work off their karmic obligations all the more rapidly. In the same way not every single "great" karma are an aftereffect of absolutely positive activities from the past. Now and then one is given lucky conditions in the present life, keeping in mind the end goal to face certain perplexing difficulties.

The benefit of comprehension the birthchart is that it permits one to intentionally add to their useful potential and methodology conditions that emerge in life in the best way.

Without mindfulness one has a tendency to travel through life in an aimless way getting to be ensnared in more profound networks of karma alongside negative conditions emerging from neglectful activities, negative feelings and wrong turns. Crystal gazing hence is similar to a compass which helps the explorer explore a protected section through life and perform one's objectives with minimum resistance.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Vastu Tips

1. The basement should never habitat, to the north, east and northeast region of boring and water should be used for storage. 
2. Etc. thorny acacia tree near the house as being Struby, such as milk tree sizes, and fruit-tree Dnnash Ktali etc. are harmful to children.
3. Architectural Pakd tree in the south of the house, the elders in the west, north and east of Sycamore People so evil influences. 
4ktulsi plant east or north side of the house should be the same; Basil south of harsh torture and imprisonment fear.
5. A pair of swans in the bedroom according to Feng Shui keeping love between husband and wife and increases Bischas | 
6. Objects that remind you of the marriage were blissful moments, putting them in Nahrity angle reduces bitterness.
7. If the spouse is constantly fight them according to architectural double-bed mattress laying on the angular want. 
8. Between plot of a hand coming out of a huge pit dug the soil falls short again fill the soil on that land must not building.
9. architectural soil is very important. White clay, rich and earthy undertone-flavored sprinkles are, are good for housing and business functions. Building on the five Brahmins eating too much before the plot is considered auspicious.
10. All kinds of stuff in the room should appropriately. The house is so well-organized lives, prosperity and peace in the home environment is made. 
11. According to Vastu home positive energy and feel-good factor to the walls of the building should more exotic colors.
12. At home dirt, garbage-junk and stuff scattered household members to achieve their goals may have to face a lot of. 
13. Architecture bed in the bedroom is unlucky to be in front of the mirror. The homeowner insomnia, anxiety problems, such as may occur.
14. Agnikoon pomegranate tree gives good fruit, but the direction Vat, People, Pakd and fig tree and purgatory suffering hurts. 
15. While the studies are too much sleep, not engaged in studying the mind, come obstacles before the student should sleep by the side of the headrest.

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Aged Astrology Reading And Simple Charts

Obscure to numerous individuals, there is a whole other world to soothsaying than just horoscopes and natal outlines. Maybe much more helpful and handy is the craft of horary crystal gazing.
Horary gives individuals the opportunity to discover responses to inquiries that can't be replied through conventional means. Furthermore, you don't need to be psychic to do it. A horary crystal gazer does the work for you. You should simply pose the question- - and pay up.

Types of Horary Questions :
You can ask all kinds of questions with horary. Some examples of horary questions are:
•Where is my purse?
•Will I get married this year?
•Will my father-in-law recover from his illness?
•Am I pregnant?
•Will my wife have a safe delivery?
•Will I get the job?
•Will the delivery arrive on time?
•Is the car in good condition?
•Will we be able to buy the house at a good price?
•Is my friend in danger?
•Where is my dog?

A horary crystal gazing resembles whatever other soothsaying yet it is read in an unexpected way. Not at all like a general natal graph perusing that endeavors to give an expansive perspective of a man's life and character, a horary study has a much smaller extension. It is concerned just with noting the astrologyrelated question, and revealing insight into correlated points of interest.

Every horary inquiry has a querent and a quesited. The querent is the individual who makes the request, while the quesited is the subject of that inquiry.The states of the querent and quesited are indicated by the quality or shortcoming of their planetary significators in the outline. The circumstances encompassing the request are depicted by the graph, particularly by the moon and different elements that are vital to the inquiry.

Most horary inquiries are replied with a "Yes" or "No." But not all questions are of that kind. For instance, if the inquiry is around a missing individual, creature or article, the answer must give hints as to the whereabouts of the quesited. In the event that the request is about the way of an ailment, the crystal gazer must have the capacity to give knowledge into that utilizing the standards of medicinal soothsaying.

A horary celestial prophet looks for the response to the inquiry by measuring the poises of the planets in the outline, the relationship between the significators of the querent and quesited, the applying angles to the Moon and different elements.

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Astrology Update May 2015


Old Dragon
Dragon month began on the new Moon in Aries on April 18, and lasts until May 17. This Dragon lunar cycle is time to take action before Mercury goes retrograde on May 18. This lunar cycle is also fortunate to plant seeds for new growth and long-range development. Spring and summer are the action seasons of this Wood Sheep year so energy is with you to accomplish your goals.
You might feel increased power and strength during Metal Dragon month. The Metal Dragon, or white Dragon, is dynamic and intense. There is a sense of karma or fate in even the smallest interactions this month. Mighty Dragon is the most powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac, a strong leader who brings luck, prosperity, and rain.
So use the energy of the white Dragon to get going this spring. Know you can call me at 415.642.8019 or email susan@susanlevitt.com to schedule your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation. Luck is with everyone to take action, and is most fortunate for the Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and those born in Dragon, Monkey, and Rat years.


Full Moon Mt. EverestFriday May 1, 2015 marked the point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. And Sunday May 3 was a full Moon in Scorpio. Water sign Scorpio is powerful and passionate. Plus this full Moon occured in the middle of strong Dragon month. So life events can seem intensified, with a rush to complete things, as this lunar cycle wanes down.
This Scorpio full Moon trined Neptune and Chiron, a minor planet (formerly classified as an asteroid) used in astrology that is symbolic of healing. There is more creative inspiration and sensitivity to the moods of others. Full Moon trine Chiron is an ideal time to explore alternative medicine and different healing modalities. This full Moon was in a harmonious sextile to Pluto, and the Sun in Taurus trines Pluto, for breakthroughs with both emotional understanding and with your health.
The full Moon and Sun squared Jupiter in Leo. These are fortunate squares because Jupiter is involved. They add energy to get ahead and accomplish goals, and emotions are more powerful bringing compassion and benevolence. The challenge is to not overdo or overextend in this Dragon month.
Stay aware of communication dynamics because Mercury is opposite Saturn and squares Neptune. It’s best to slow down and be thorough, and get your facts and details organized before Mercury goes retrograde on May 18 for three weeks until June 11. Jupiter continues to trine Uranus for sudden luck and good fortune, and Uranus continues to square Pluto for political change on a global scale.


snake ringThe new Moon on May 17 at 9:13 pm begins the month of the Metal Snake. This lunar cycle is time to shed skins of the past, recycle, and clean out the old. In feng shui, the Metal environment is clean, pristine, and well organized. Time to do a big spring cleaning!
Snake, Sheep, and Rabbit are the artists of the Chinese zodiac so this Snake month in Sheep year is perfect to beautify your environment. Communication planet Mercury goes retrograde May 18 for three weeks until June 11, so use these three weeks to make any necessary changes in your home and workplace.
This new Moon is in the sensual Earth sign Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus. Carve out time to slow down and smell the roses. Cultivate art and beauty wherever you find it. Luck is with everyone to appreciate love and beauty, and is most fortunate for the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and those born in Snake, Phoenix (Rooster), and Ox years.


Our Boy MercuryCommunication planet Mercury is retrograde for three weeks three times a year. Mercury will be retrograde in Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

January 21 – February 11 in Air sign Aquarius. Good for think tank, new ideas, and networking. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, the best sign for Mercury.
May 18 – June 11 in Air sign Gemini. Mercury is comfortable in its rulership sign Gemini.
September 11 – October 9  in Air sign Libra. Relationships will be important under the influence of Libra.


Blacknose Sheep from SwitzerlandChinese New Year begins on the second new Moon after Winter Solstice. Sheep year is time of healing and diplomacy. What is of value is intimacy, family, and close friendships. We can be more caring, kind, and sensitive with each other. Develop a gentle heart, open to love and acceptance on all levels.
Another theme of Sheep year is to express your creative side. Now is the time for artistic development and cultivation of beauty. Sheep year is most fortunate for Sheep, and for Sheep’s most compatible signs Rabbit, Horse, and Pig. Sheep correlates to the Western sign Cancer. Click here for more Sheep year info.


feng_shui430x300Chinese astrology is based on the 5 elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

2015 is a WOOD Sheep year. Like fresh growth in springtime, a Wood year is time for rebirth and transformation in all areas of your life! Now is the year to grow, branch out, and explore your creativity. Sheep’s earthly branch is the element Fire, and Wood feeds Fire, so this is a naturally fortunate year.


Crescent Moon GoddessWater and Wood months are most favorable in this Wood year.

Rabbit, Horse, Sheep, and Pig months are most fortunate in a Sheep year.

Fire OX was January 20. Earth TIGER was February 18 that began the Chinese New Year of the Wood Sheep. Earth RABBIT was March 20. Metal DRAGON was April 18. Metal SNAKE is May 17. Water HORSE is June 16. Water SHEEP is July 15. Wood MONKEY is August 14. Wood PHOENIX (Rooster) is September 12. Fire DOG is October 12. Fire PIG is November 11. Earth RAT is December 11.


The farther from the Sun, the slower the transit:


Uranus, planet of radical change and revolution, is in the the fiery leadership sign Aries until May 2018. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, with a big urge to break away and be free, especially when expressed through the pioneering spirit of Fire sign Aries. Aries correlates to the powerful Dragon so anticipate fast change, revolution, and evolution all over the world. Uranus is known for erratic mercurial activity with flashes of insight and genius. Uranus is a higher vibration of Mercury.


Pisces tribeFebruary 3 2012 dream planet Neptune entered Water sign Pisces until spring 2025. This is a perfect pairing of the ocean god Neptune who is naturally most comfortable in any of the Water sign Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. Neptune in Pisces brings creativity, intuition, and spiritual connections. This sets the tone for an entire generation, the new Piscean Neptunians. I do not agree with internet postings that suggest Neptune in Pisces is bad and means drug addiction, illusion, and fantasy. Instead, bring on the new wave of creativity and inspiration from spirit, dreams, and inner worlds. Neptune is a higher vibration of Venus.


The U.S. Recession began in Earth Rat year 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn. The planet Pluto symbolizes death, rebirth, and transformation. Pluto is named after the Roman god of the underworld, a god of wealth because the riches of the Earth are in his domain: gold, silver, oil, diamonds, minerals, and precious gems. Pluto will be in the pragmatic earth sign of Capricorn until spring 2023. So the world plutocracy, governments of wealthy men (plutocrats) can now be transformed. Change will be slow in coming about income disparity, but the transformation has already begun.
Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn is being played out on the world stage as a fight for radical change between freethinkers and the dominant power structure. Pluto is represented by a plutocracy or government of wealthy men (especially in Earth sign Capricorn), who fight to support their status quo. Rebel Uranus leads the way with Americans marching in the streets. The last square of Pluto and Uranus was the Occupy Wall Street movement, an example of the old plutocracy being questioned. During this current Uranus square Pluto transit, the structure of the police department is being questioned as Black Lives Matter. And income disparity is a political topic. If protests seems violent or sudden, note that Pluto is a transpersonal form of Mars.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Longevity calculation

We never think about such a question when we are young, but as we cross 45 and we have responsibilities not only for our own self but for our children and family, such a question may come to our mind. As an astrologer, we are also asked this question sometimes by our clients. We usually avoid answering such a question, but in our life prediction report we do indicate the longevity of a person.
In astrology, we have different methods for calculating longevity for a person under normal circumstances. What it means is that longevity calculations made for normal circumstances will not apply for unnatural circumstances. Unnatural circumstances could mean a natural catastrophe like fire, flood, earthquake or war or in today’s world it could mean terrorist attack, plane crash or any accident etc, when many people die at the same time. Obviously in every body’s chart, the longevity calculations will not point that his/her life span has come to an end.
In Vedic astrology, it is clearly stated that no longevity calculation should be made for a chart unless the person has reached at least the age of 20. Before that there are methods to calculate whether there is yoga for infant or childhood or teenage mortality. Even if such a combination exists in a chart, one has to study very carefully whether there are combinations for cancellations of such Yoga in the chart or not. Today’s advancement in medical sciences and increase in average mortality of people in general, the calculation of such early age mortality has lost much of it’s relevance. Further because of increase in mortality factor of human race in general, we need to redefine the age limit for ‘Short”, “Medium” and “Long” longevity condition in the chart that can be computed from the chart. Further I must clarify that longevity calculation and when a person will die is a very complex calculation, and is almost impossible to arrive at the exact date or period for any astrologer.
As an astrologer we are at best equipped to give an approximate period, which is again subjected to all modern advancement in medical science of life support systems and organ transplants etc. Hence, the longevity indicated here should be indicative and not definitive. Further one has to calculate the Marak dasha (Fatal Period) in one’s chart to determine when a person will die. A man may encounter fatal periods in his/her dasha calculations but he may not necessarily die because he is yet to complete his longevity as ordained in his chart. Also vice versa, a person may cross his longevity level but because of absence of Marak combination in Dasha system he may actually live longer than the longevity specified in longevity calculation.

In this report of longevity calculation, we are basically checking 3 parameters in your chart.
In which sign types, your lord of ascendant and lord of 8th house are located.
What are the sign types of your Ascendant and Moon Sign.
What are the sign types in which Moon and Saturn are located in your chart.

Longevity calculation will indicate your longevity under 3 categories:
· Short (Alpaiyu); in today’s context it will mean up to 50 years of age.
· Medium (Madhyamaiyu); in today’s context it will mean between 50 to 80 years.
· Long (Deerghaiyu); in today’s context it will mean more than 80 years of age.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Career in Astrology..

Career in Astrology is not that simple to define. Most of the time when people search on Google for their career prospects in astrology they usually run into articles regarding the 10th house in astrology which shows a person's career, however, the 10th house in astrology only holds 20% of the entire career picture. It's not just about the 10th house, 10th house lord on various houses, or planets aspecting the 10th house. Career through astrology is mainly determine by seeing the person's passion and obsession in life through the main chart, and looking at his or hers divisional chart, yes, divisional chart. In Vedic Astrology there are divisional chart that represents all the sectors of life, so if you want to know about your marriage you will have to surgically open the 7th house and look inside it, that's where the D-9 chart comes into play 'Navmasa Chart'.

In career, VedicAstrologers use D-10 chart, 'Dasmasa Chart', which opens the 10th house surgically and shows the detail about a person's profession. Even D-10 chart is not enough, as I mentioned above that one needs to look at a person's obsession in life, because success in career comes from following one's passion. The signifactor of obsession is Rahu. The placement and sign where Rahu is placed in shows what the person is here to achieve and be obsessive about. Besides Rahu you need to look at all the houses and combinations. Even if a person has Mars in 10th house doesn't mean this person is going to become  a police officer, an army general or a doctor; this person could become a writer or actor! What if this person had Venus and Mercury in the 5th house of creativity and Sun in the 3rd house of communication, while Rahu is sitting in the 2nd house of voice and speech? This is why it's very important to look at everything besides one planet, or one house to judge a situation.

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Western Astrology vs. Vedic Astrology

I wish I could just keep this section to the summary sentences above, but, I will explain these two ancient organizations in a brief section.

Eastern astrology as in Vedic “Hindu” astrology has been around in Indian for previous 5.33 million decades. Some say the sages of that interval noticed way more than we do now, and some say those sages returning then were frequented by people from other planets who trained them the technology of world's and forecasting through their activity, like the society of Anunnaki ‘Those who came from heaven’, according to Sumerians, who resided in Baghdad, Irak returning in that interval. There are all types of stories and stars regarding the real origins of this topic. But Vedic astrology goes much more detailed than just your regular sun symptoms, celestial satellite symptoms and planetary roles, which I will educate you in this guide.

The Ancient astrology appeared through the origins of Vedic astrology, and the purpose why we can tell this is because Ancient astrology is losing about 70% of Vedic astrology forecasting technique, such as 27 other horoscope symptoms which they never recognized, along with divisional maps.

Eastern astrology doesn’t consider world's such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in your beginning graph, as they are too far, and take too long to modify horoscope symptoms in making any type of effect on only one personal. The two gas leaders are only used to demonstrate the impact they will have on a whole creation, and, neither are they are noticeable in the sky. The sages returning 5,000 decades ago noticed that only the that are noticeable in the sky will effect a person independently, even though they were conscious of at least three other world's out in the wide area, but did not consider them for astrology use. The third globe may not have been Pluto, it actually might have been Nibiru.

I am not whacking the Roman program, but I just do not see the detail in their astrology program, and, the truth is I had my graph seemed through the Ancient program which was completely incorrect. I didn’t say anything to the Ancient astrologer, and just took in, but noticed what every Vedic astrologer was referring to. I am using the phrase ‘Greek’ and not European, because our regular sun indication centered astrology was descends from Portugal.

Not to bring up, Ancient System also got the levels of the incorrect. They went 23 levels before Southern program.

Degrees are factors in the sky that decides the duration of each Sign, and the place of the globe in those symptoms.

The purpose why two techniques have different levels is because the old Vedic sages identified the place of the from the real spinning of our planet in 24 time interval of time, while the Romans identified the levels of the globe from the springtime equinox factor when Sun goes into the first level of the first zodiac indication Aries. Equinox is known as the factor on the Northern and Southern Rod where our planet shakes a bit, and reveals the shifting quicker from certain factor from globe.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Is zodiac a science?

Is zodiac a science? This is the most common query presented about zodiac by both places of individuals - the non-believers and the rationalists who declare that zodiac is fake and that it uses the worry and uncertainty of individuals. The followers of zodiac and the astrologers themselves stoutly protect the position that zodiac is an accurate technological innovation.

To my thoughts, both are wrong and both places of individual’s strategy this query from predetermined thoughts set.

For nonbelievers, it is stylish and politically correct to denounce any system of information, which does not fit into the Last millennium significance of materialism and actual technological innovation.

For astrologers, the brain set is that unless Astrology is a technological innovation, it is not decent these days, and for followers, anything that is known as as technological innovation can be thoughtlessly considered or approved.

The new millennium is known as the Age of Aquarius, and astrologers declare Aquarius is decided by the globe Uranus. Uranus represents new technological innovation.

So in the Age of Aquarius, I recommend to analyze this query in an purpose fashion without any preconditioned attitude.

The first query that comes to thoughts at this level is, "What is the significance and significance of technological innovation and astrology?"

According to Unique House Vocabulary, the significance of these two terms is:

1.         A division of information or research working with a human body of information or information consistently organized and displaying the function of common rules.
2.         Mathematical Sciences - Methodical Understanding of the actual or content globe obtained through statement and analysis.
3.         Any of the divisions of natural or actual technological innovation.

1.         A research that represents and efforts to understand the impact of incredible systems on individual matters. As far as the significance of zodiac is involved, there is little reason for conflict. However, the discussion and argument starts when astrologers begin declaring that zodiac is a technological innovation. Of the three explanations of technological innovation given above, I believe that explanations '2' and '3' are not appropriate to zodiac as it has progressed over the years and prevails as of date.

2.         Rationalists and nonbelievers claim that incredible systems cannot impact individual matters. On the other hand, astrologers, particularlyVedic astrologers, begin with the supposition that the systematic human body of information is in fact motivated by the Superior Being himself. Hence, this is the overall fact and cannot be inquired. 

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Impact of Planets

Astrology goes back from the source of man. The phrase Astrology is based on two Ancient terms Astra (Stars) and Images (Study). So, Astrology is the research of Celebrities. Astrology is Astronomy taken to world and used to the matters of men. It instructs us that Galaxy is controlled by an ideal program, perfectly timed with outstanding perfection and achieved with unerring perfection. It is a respectable Technology involved under Vedangas as beginning as around 50,000 years ago. Astrology, they shown, is an scientific science like that of Science or Chemical makeup, thanks to the existence of the Sun, Celestial satellite and stars as common and noticeable facts. The resources to confirm its veracity are very restricted and few, only the Sun, Celestial satellite, Celebrities, the 12 symptoms and symptoms of Astrology and some world's in all, in our Solar energy program, which cannot be introduced into a analyze pipe or a lab. They take a position far away from us. One cannot contact and feel them, but their effect on us is remarkable and foretelling.

It is not a key now that each world has its own exclusive polarization /frequency which impacts all life in the universe on a mobile stage. The impact of your energy and effort and area of a meeting postage stamps then and there, a lasting closure on it through the planetary positioning, the causes of which are streaming around us in unseen programs guiding our lifestyles towards certain circumstances, some of which can be modified and or customized by understanding them well in enhance in the best time, some times for our benefit. Astrology gives us a unexplained image of almost the whole of life. It is more innovative and more useful than any other Technology. It is really the science of the Overall. Jordan Einstein once said:“The more I research the Galaxy, the more I believe in a Greater Power.” In finishing the release to his Life story, ‘Wings of Fire’, 

The worlds in the sky, which are within our solar energy System, have effect in the world. The most important of them are the Sun, Celestial satellite, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, the Northern Node (Rahu) and the Southern Node (Kethu). Their path is the Astrology, which is separated into 12 Signs, from Aries to Pisces.  From world earth we see the Sun increasing, shifting across the sky and establishing because of the spinning of world earth. Plenty of it requires for world earth to move absolutely around the Sun once at a rate of around 1000 mph, is what we contact a day or 24 time. Earth’s spinning gives us day and evening.  The world, in its convert, moves throughout the Sun, at a rate of 67,000 miles/ time, once in around 365 days and this is the year. Since we are on the mom Earth, it is Geocentric to us.