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The prevalence of superstition

The prevalence of superstition:

Which is considered one of the village on the same day 500 years ago, on the strength of black magic witch women began to be. The prevalence of superstition started there was a myth. At the present time it is the source of the term is left alive atrocities on women. All over India, especially Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand in the name of witch endless atrocities on women are vulnerable and are sometimes even killed.
Harangul village, Latur, Maharashtra
Harangul village in Latur district of Maharashtra is the village where he's supposed to be about the most far-fetched and dangerous tradition where black magic witch began with practice. Well, in this case black magic of Bengal is also mentioned, but it is believed that the practice actually started witch was from the same village.
It is believed that this is the first time in the 15th century, the village began to practice. Since then, till today no one slept peacefully. The witch practice, starting here on the strength of black magic after being converted into ordinary women vamps at the village changed forever. The first was a female witch. Then something else and the entire village was inhabited by the gang of vamps. In the beginning the innocent villagers did not understand anything about all of this when he deepened the shadow of these vamps villagers realized that they are caught up in big trouble. Vamps hunt started now. At first they targeted their homes. Seeing the whole village then he imprisoned his arrest.
Vamps outbreak began gradually increase. So far the work had been hiding-hiding in the shadow of the night she was released overhang in Ujalon day. The village broke with sorrows.
The young boy was found hanging dead vamps trees around him. The truth has come to light that the vamps before the village boys, these young bachelor in Premjal loop, physical relationship with them and then deleted their thirst by sucking their blood. As well as their blood was used for Tantric attainments.
After all villagers mercury reached seventh heaven. He vamps Bangkr the trees began burning alive. These vamps-Fatal said he will return and who will complete his revenge. This event hundreds of years, but still so many things that are taboo in this village. The recognition that if someone did not follow these guidelines Nirdeshon the witch will come back. Hence, in the village still on the trees nail bang, piss, spitting or sleep near the trees at night is prohibited.
The village today is recognition that night souls of these vamps are trying to attract people. Now he was not so strong as that could directly harm anyone who gets stuck in any of them have entered the cotton is very bad Hshr.
Because of these important features of this village of the vamps have become many TV serials. Goes so far as to say that the concept of witch Ekta Kapoor had also met here.


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