Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Vastu Tips

1. The basement should never habitat, to the north, east and northeast region of boring and water should be used for storage. 
2. Etc. thorny acacia tree near the house as being Struby, such as milk tree sizes, and fruit-tree Dnnash Ktali etc. are harmful to children.
3. Architectural Pakd tree in the south of the house, the elders in the west, north and east of Sycamore People so evil influences. 
4ktulsi plant east or north side of the house should be the same; Basil south of harsh torture and imprisonment fear.
5. A pair of swans in the bedroom according to Feng Shui keeping love between husband and wife and increases Bischas | 
6. Objects that remind you of the marriage were blissful moments, putting them in Nahrity angle reduces bitterness.
7. If the spouse is constantly fight them according to architectural double-bed mattress laying on the angular want. 
8. Between plot of a hand coming out of a huge pit dug the soil falls short again fill the soil on that land must not building.
9. architectural soil is very important. White clay, rich and earthy undertone-flavored sprinkles are, are good for housing and business functions. Building on the five Brahmins eating too much before the plot is considered auspicious.
10. All kinds of stuff in the room should appropriately. The house is so well-organized lives, prosperity and peace in the home environment is made. 
11. According to Vastu home positive energy and feel-good factor to the walls of the building should more exotic colors.
12. At home dirt, garbage-junk and stuff scattered household members to achieve their goals may have to face a lot of. 
13. Architecture bed in the bedroom is unlucky to be in front of the mirror. The homeowner insomnia, anxiety problems, such as may occur.
14. Agnikoon pomegranate tree gives good fruit, but the direction Vat, People, Pakd and fig tree and purgatory suffering hurts. 
15. While the studies are too much sleep, not engaged in studying the mind, come obstacles before the student should sleep by the side of the headrest.


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